Frequently asked questions

Who is behind Komak?

Komak is built by a group of volunteers. We also have an NGO registered in Denmark, called Nabo.

Are you a for-profit organization?

No, Komak is an open-source, non-profit organization. Our only goal is to help with the COVID-19 situation and beyond using our love and skills for technology.

What's your policy about data protection?

We know how important data privacy is. Our users' data is protected on our secure servers. We do not share or sell user data with/to any third parties. Moreover, we're dedicated to gathering the least amount of data that will make our services work. Your data is only shared with other users when you have a match.

A match happens when a volunteer accepts to help with a request from a person in need. When this happens, we communicate the Name and Phone number to each other, so they can initiate contact.

Who is Komak for?

Our platform's users are healthy volunteers and people in need of help with their groceries, pharmacy runs, etc.

Beyond our direct users, we also collaborate with existing charities and volunteer organizations. Our aim in these partnerships is to enable third parties to adopt our technology to run their operations more efficiently. As an added layer of trust, we will flag volunteers from existing organizations as "Verified" in our app.

What do you do to protect the safety of your users?

Safety is our first concern. First, we've consulted with medical professionals and designed User Instructions, which we urge every user to read to make sure they stay safe.

Secondly, we've designed our platform in a way that people looking to exploit it with ill intentions would not be able to act on those intentions efficiently. We really hope that we will only attract good people that are genuinely willing to help, but that's something we can't control, so we've come up with a number of measures:
- No volunteer knows where requests will be coming from, so anyone that is ill-intended has a very low chance of being the ones to get the notification that someone needs help
- We're limiting the number of people that get help notifications at a time. We're using an algorithm to send batches of these so that the chance of someone ill-intended to get matches first would be very small

- We're also adding an extra layer of security by showing Verified badges for volunteers that are signed up with a partner organization.

- Lastly, if we do match a person in need with a person with bad intentions, we never display the person in need's address, so the person requesting help has to assess the situation for safety. If you do not trust the person helping you, do not share your address and send another request.

Can I make a request on some else's behalf?

Yes! Originally, you could only make requests through our app. We've since added a way to send out a request via a form on our website here: https://komak.io/request-help

The way it works is that it turns an address into a set of coordinates, which then gets sent to our app. From then on, it's the same as the app, except the person in need will receive an email instead of a notification in the app.

This means that you can send over a request for your friends and relatives that you can not help yourself. If they're not tech savvy, you can even communicate on their behalf.

Where does Komak work?

Globally! We've built Komak around geolocation technology for this specific reason. We want to build and support a platform for action no matter where COVID-19 might hit next.

Our app is available in a number of languages (thanks to our awesome volunteers). If you wish to help us out with translating it into your own language, contact us by sending an email to contact@komak.io.

How can I contribute?

We are an open-source initiative and we're really thin on resources. The easiest thing to do is to download our app and sign up, and spread the word, especially to people in need.

There are other ways you can contribute, and you can find them here: https://komak.io/contribute/