Fill in the questionnaire below and we’ll send your request to volunteers near you!

How this works: This form works with our app, Komak. Fill in the form on this page and your request will go out as a notification to Komak users within your area.

We send all nearby volunteers a notification, and whoever accepts to help you first will receive your contact details. At the same time, you will be receiving an email with the volunteer’s contact details, so please make sure you have a way of accessing your email.

Contact the volunteer to pass on your request. Please be considerate when it comes to weight and volume. Request a picture of the receipt when it comes to groceries of medical supplies and pay digitally if possible. Avoid direct contact with the volunteer.

Data privacy: We will only share your contact information with the volunteer that accepts to help you out.

Who should request help: Our platform is designed for people in need to maintain isolation to be helped to do so. Please do not abuse our system if you are healthy and are not in a risk group.

Requesting for someone else: Please feel free to place a request for someone else, such as a family members that lives far aware, a neighbor, friend, etc. Just make sure the contact information is correct and that they’re aware of your request.

Important: Your address is used to create coordinates for delivering the request to our volunteers, and your phone number is your only way for volunteers to contact you. Make sure both are correct.

Please check out our user instructions to ensure everyone’s safety.

Stay safe!