Our team

This initiative was started by AliDragos and Theo. We’re young professionals living in Copenhagen, Denmark. We’re all working in the same tech company by day, Ocean.io.

Much like most of the people in Copenhagen, we’ve started working remotely on the 12th of March. Things here escalated quickly and what started as lunch time gossip of potentially working from home turned into reality within a matter of days.

We were and still are devastated at the global state of affairs. While in isolation, we’ve noticed an increasing number of young volunteers offering to help people at risk with their groceries and other chores. Most of these initiatives seemed to organize through flyers, Facebook groups or online forms, which seemed like an imperfect process.

After a quick chat, we’ve decided to build a location-enabled app with global scope to ease up the effort that people were already clearly up for. This would increase efficiency and save time. We’ve registered an NGO and have managed to get a few other people to help us out so far. 

Komak (Persian for “Help”) is a completely non-profit initiative, and all crowdfunding we would do will go towards covering our sunk costs with licenses, third party services, etc., creating awareness for our service and supporting our users and their safety.

This is our attempt to aid the ones already fighting in the front lines. Now is the time for young, able-bodied individuals like ourselves to try to ease the burden and stop the spread, shielding the ones most vulnerable from the dangers of the novel coronavirus.

We want to thank everyone that has contributed so far (list will be updated)

– Martin Sandholdt, design, Kayak

- Tiago Kasa, country management

- Lucas Kenji, country management

– Jason O'Dwyer, video

- Wiktorija Marszalek, illustration

– Dr. Ulrich Keller, implementation consultant, Google

– REVOLT, branding & UI

– Steve Dempsey, implementation advisor

– Ehsan P. Rizi, medical consultant

– Farnoosh Goodarzi, social media and partnerships

– Andrei Mindru, infographics

– Aleksandrina Lazarova, infographics